Freedom Centre International


Freedom Centre International otherwise known as FCI is a subsidiary of a UK church based registered Charity. FCI was birthed in London as a subsidiary in 1997 and now has expanded across the world with its mission “to raise overcomers and set captives free”. It now has branches in Luton, Telford, Edinburgh all in the UK, Dallas USA and Accra Ghana. FCI has become a recognised organisation around the world. In the UK it is one of the largest Black majority church based charities with asset and annual revenue totalling over £5Million and a membership of 5,000 across the UK.


With FCI expanding into new cities and countries across the world via its branches, TV broadcast and online activities, the charity was faced with a major challenge on how to establish and maintain a close relationship as well as keep in touch with its large membership. FCI observed that with the fast growth of the charity, it was losing its core value, which is to ensure every member of the charity was part of the closely knit FCI family. In its determination to keep its core value in the midst of growth, the charity turned to EMH Global for assistance.

Our Solution

Following consultation with FCI to understand it organisation and customer service strategy, EMH proposed a solution that would ensure the charity maintained a strong relationship with its members. EMH design and technology team proposed to design and implement a bespoke Customer Relations Management (CRM) tool. The EMH Global CRM software called “eg-connect” offered the following features:

• Allowed the creation of a members and guest database

• Members given unique login details to enable them update their details

• CRM is accessible online members across the world access to register 24hrs a day

• CRM linked to online donations system to track member’s donation

• CRM collects key dates of individual members to send them personalised messages

• CRM able to send automated messages by email and sms to members based on specification of the admin

• CRM has an administrators section that allows upload of announcements and updates which can be sent instantly or scheduled

• CRM has an admin section that run reports on membership activities, follow up activities between FCI and members, Donations received by members and scheduled activities etc.

• CRM allows tracking on administrator’s activities and schedules


EMH Global’s eg-connect has enabled FCI to become efficient in communicating with its members and guests. To date the database has registered 20,000 members and the number is growing daily. The Database has sent over 50,000 sms and emails to members. The CRM has been used to send out invites for events leading to increased attendance at FCI events and seminars and increased viewership online