Freedom Centre International otherwise known as FCI is a subsidiary of a UK church based registered Charity. FCI was birthed in London as a subsidiary in 1997 and now has expanded across the world with its mission “to raise overcomers and set captives free”. It now has branches in Luton, Telford, Edinburgh all in the UK, Dallas USA and Accra Ghana. FCI has become a recognised organisation around the world. In the UK it is one of the largest Black majority church based charities with asset and annual revenue totalling over £5Million and a membership of 5,000 across the UK.


With the charity experiencing rapid growth in size and in membership, FCI knew that if they were to continue to keep their members engaged and informed, they would need a website. The challenge was to design and develop a website that their members could easily access and be kept updated with the charity’s activities.

Our Solution

The EMH Global web design and development team took on the challenge. Looking at FCI’sr target audience and where they are located, we proposed building a simple but attractive website where all key information is presented on one page in an easily but visible format. From this brief we built a website that included key features such as: .• A structured Layout that is easy to follow and shows the most relevant content of the charity • Working and correctly labelled links making site SEO friendly • Membership subscription links allowing users to get actively involved with FCI • E-store where customers are able to purchase FCI Merchandise • Live streaming link allowing members to watch live or catch up on events at FCI • Online donation link allowing users to make donations to the charity.


EMH and FCI couldn’t be more pleased with the outcome of the website. The website has helped drive tangible growth for FCI. The live streaming channel has become extremely popular with an average of 1000 viewers watching live from all continents during events. The donation link has also become an additional revenue source for the charity receiving 10% of its total annual revenue. The membership subscription link has to date received over 5000 registration request. The Website overall has helped users and guest get more actively involved with the charity by increasing guest turnout to their events.